About Us

Judicial Investigations is a full service investigation firm based in northern California, offering services to attorneys throughout California. Our Chief Investigator, Joseph Soldis, personally oversees each and every case.  Mr.Soldis is a former California Police Officer with twenty-seven years of experience in the criminal and civil justice system. His investigative skill ranges from minor traffic investigations to major felony investigations including rape and murder. He has a thorough understanding of the operations of the Criminal Justice System and expertise in investigative and interrogative techniques. He has worked on complex civil litigation matters with some of the largest law firms in the country. He is licensed with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, State of California. License #PI24115.

In his eighteen year career in law enforcement Joseph Soldis received recognition for his outstanding investigations from the United States Congress, California Senate and the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. The Sonoma County Police Chief's voted him Sonoma County's Police Officer of the Year and twice he received thesame honor from the City of Sebastopol. Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys respect him as a thoroughly prepared and credible witness. His investigative skills and courtroom testimony hasoften been the key to winning cases. Joseph Soldis and his firm bring that same competence to the defense or civil attorney needing justice for his or her clients. You can have the advantage of his persistence, thoroughness and professionalism. Joseph Soldis believes strongly that it is as important to defend the innocent as it is to prosecute the guilty.

Associates of Judicial Investigations include highly trained professional investigators from all branches of the Criminal Justice System. We offer a full spectrum of investigative services in both Criminal and Civil law. Judicial Investigations is distinctive in the investigative field for these reasons:

Professionally Experienced Investigators
Our investigators are all highly trained former criminal justice system employees with years of experience in every type of investigation.
Thorough and complete investigations
Well conducted pre-trial investigations are thebest insurance against losing a case due to insufficient preparation. We know that you want thorough investigations where every stone is turned over and every lead fully investigated. We specialize in seeking the "rest of the story" uncovering critical and relevant facts missed by others.
Timely Responsiveness
You will never wait indefinitely for a return call from our investigators. We use mobile digital computers to allow us to respond quickly and thoroughly to your needs. You will have total access at any time to answer your questions or service your requirements.